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Natural Clear Quartz Cluster

Natural Clear Quartz Cluster

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Sparkling natural raw clear quartz cluster healing crystal.  Each item is unique due to being a natural product, and as such not every piece is exactly the same size and will be in various irregular shapes.

Clear quartz has been used for thousands of years as a 'master healer' to clear the mind and heal the body.  This crystal amplifies energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating it. It also aids concentration and memory. Physically, clear quartz helps to stimulate the immune system and balance out your entire body. 

Resonates with all chakras and zodiac signs.

Place it in your home to enjoy the benefits or use in your healing rituals.

  • Suggested use: meditation, feng shui, reiki healing, home decor or the perfect gift.
  • Product Usage: Feng shui, meditation, home decoration
  • Weight: 40-60g
  • Size: 30-60mm
This item will take up to 25 days to arrive from order date.



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