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Natural Crystal Point Obelisk

Natural Crystal Point Obelisk

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Take aim at your ambitions!

Our fine-tuned crystal wands supercharge your focus and drive your ambitions to new heights. Their combined positive effects clear your spiritual path of any negative thoughts or fears, replacing them with positivity, self-confidence and an open, accepting heart.

  • Direct energy with our healing crystal wands to remove blockages in your chakras.
  • Deflect negativity and activate emotionally healthy spirituality.
  • Balance your mind, body and spirit to act in harmony, giving you renewed optimism and motivation toward your dreams and success.
  • Maintain positive attitudes and encourage good fortune regardless of your circumstances or location.
  • Each stone has a specific colour and psychic vibration, emitting positive energy to attune and cleanse your aura and your space.
  • Each of the crystal wands is soothing to the eye, and will offer inexplicable joy to the beholder.
  • Fully charged, cleansed, and ready for use.
  • Each item is unique as it is a natural product


Suggested use: Ideal for meditation, feng shui, reiki, manifestation, chakra balancin