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Natural Crystal Filled Glass Wishing Bottle - 50, 60, 80mm

Natural Crystal Filled Glass Wishing Bottle - 50, 60, 80mm

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Introducing our enchanting Natural Crystal Filled Glass Wishing Bottles, a perfect blend of beauty and intention. Each bottle is delicately crafted with a glass vessel, filled with an assortment of mesmerising crystals. 

These crystals have been carefully selected for their unique properties, allowing you to infuse your wishes with their powerful energy. From the calming vibes of Amethyst to the abundance attracting properties of Citrine, our crystal-filled bottles offer a wide range of intentions to manifest your desires.

The transparent glass design allows you to admire the exquisite crystals as they catch the light, creating a captivating display. Each bottle comes with a cork stopper, ensuring that your wishes are securely sealed within.

Whether you are seeking love, prosperity, or spiritual growth, our Natural Crystal Filled Glass Wishing Bottles are here to support your intentions. Simply write down your wishes, place them inside the bottle, and let the crystals work their magic.

These enchanting bottles make a thoughtful gift for loved ones or a beautiful addition to your sacred space. Display them on your altar, bedside table, or carry them with you as a reminder of your intentions throughout the day.

Embrace the power of intention and let the energy of crystals guide you towards manifesting your dreams. With our Natural Crystal Filled Glass Wishing Bottles, the possibilities are endless. Start manifesting your desires today and watch as the universe conspires to make them a reality.

Sizes and weights (the smallest bottles pictured are not available):

50*22mm 25-35g
60*22mm 35-45g
80*22mm 45-55g

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