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Laced Gemstone Teardrop Pendant - Rose Quartz

Laced Gemstone Teardrop Pendant - Rose Quartz

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Introduce a touch of elegance and love to your jewellery collection with Laced Gemstone Teardrop Pendant showcasing the exquisite Rose Quartz. Handcrafted in India.

The teardrop shape, known for its timeless and graceful design, beautifully accentuates the gentle and soothing hues of Rose Quartz. This gemstone is celebrated for its soft pink colour, symbolising love, compassion, and emotional healing. It is believed to open the heart chakra, inviting a sense of peace and tenderness into one's life.

Each Rose Quartz Teardrop Pendant is meticulously laced to showcase the gemstone's natural allure, and the adjustable string allows for a customised fit, making it suitable for any occasion.

Whether worn for its aesthetic charm or its potential metaphysical benefits, this pendant is sure to delight.

String length: approximately 34 cm

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