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HH Tarot Roll On - The Lion

HH Tarot Roll On - The Lion

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Embody Strength and Serenity

Unleash the Majestic Nature: "The Lion" by Hop Hare is an essential oil gemstone roll-on that captures the essence of the king of the jungle – powerful yet poised. Enriched with the harmonising energy of Rock Quartz, this blend is crafted to release energy in its purest form and bring balance to your realm.

The Lion's Crystal: Rock Quartz

Each roll-on is empowered by a Rock Quartz gemstone, renowned for its ability to cleanse the aura and enhance the energetic flow. The crystal's purity and strength are akin to that of a lion's heart – resilient and balanced.

Embrace The Lion

  • Anoint in the morning to inspire a day of leadership and confidence.
  • Use during meditation to deepen your connection with your inner strength.
  • Apply as a personal fragrance to command respect and admiration naturally.
  • Share with someone who embodies the spirit of "The Lion," or who aspires to do so.

    Allow "The Lion" by Hop Hare to be the roar that echoes through your day, with Rock Quartz to guide you towards achieving a sovereign balance and majestic poise.
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