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Chakra Crystal Candle - Sacred Chakra

Chakra Crystal Candle - Sacred Chakra

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Chakra Crystal Candle - Sacral Chakra: Ignite Your Creative Passion

This exquisite candle is dedicated to the Sacral Chakra, the centre of creativity and passion. 

Sacral Chakra: Represents creativity, passion, and emotional well-being. 

Fragrance: Infused with the enchanting scent of "Invoking Dreams," a fragrance that stirs creativity and awakens your senses. 

Gemstones: Adorned with Tiger Eye and Rose Quartz crystals, known for enhancing creativity and nurturing emotional balance.

Light this candle to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that fuels your creative spark. Let the fragrance of "Invoking Dreams" inspire your imagination, while the energy of Tiger Eye and Rose Quartz crystals nurtures your emotional well-being.

Ignite your passions and unlock your creative potential. 

Order now and let the soothing glow of this candle kindle your inner fire.

Burning time: 17 hours

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