Crystals and Essential Oils for More Christmas Magic and Cheer

Crystals and Essential Oils for More Christmas Magic and Cheer

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It's nearly that time of year again (some may say it already is!) that sends everyone dizzy with excitement; throwing and attending parties, eating lots of food and singing our hearts out with glee! Yes, it's Christmas! There aren't many of us that don't feel just a little bit warm and fuzzy over the festive season, having said that, Christmas can also be a challenging time of year for many. For example, those who may be going through a tough period or are remembering the anniversary of a such a period in their lives. 

If you are one of those people, natural crystals and essential oils could be your best friends in helping you overcome negative thoughts and back to enjoying the fun again like you once did. 


Crystals to help you through the festive season


Citrine is a stone of happiness and positivity, so it goes without saying this crystal will help you to feel more of that festive cheer. Carry one about with you or have it by your bedside to raise your vibration to joyous levels!


Rose Quartz

The ultimate love stone, emanating loving vibes to one and all. It's not just for improving romantic love, but all kinds of love including for your friends, family and pets. What better time than Christmas to repair a broken or rocky relationship by using your favourite Rose Quartz crystal.

rose quartz


Perfect for bringing a little festive green into your home decor at this time of year, while also helping you to balance your emotions and become more relaxed so that you can enjoy the festivities without anxiety.



Garnet is a heart and blood stimulant which is helpful in lifting the mood. It doesn't hurt that it is also a shade of gorgeous festive red, so also ideal for a bit of Christmas home decor.



Essential oils to help you through the festive season

Cinnamon essential oil

Cinnamon oil is a great mood enhancer and many find it relaxing. Not to mention cinnamon is the perfect festive scent!


Orange essential oil

Much like the above oil, this one lifts the mood but most find this to have more of an energising effect, which is also excellent for all those exciting festivities! This oil goes well with cinnamon as a Christmas scent too!


Frankincense essential oil

You can't get much more festive than frankincense can you! If it's good enough for the Wise Men, it's good enough for us! This oil also helps anxiety.


Myrrh essential oil

Another favourite of the Wise Men, this oil has a sedative effect that also helps you to feel more grounded.


Clove essential oil

This oil is comforting and relaxing. Imagine an evening in front of the fireplace with a mug of mulled wine and a great Christmas film.


Pine essential oil

Pine oil comes from the needles of the tree. It smells like a breath of fresh air, a walk through the forest in the snow! If that doesn't make you feel festive we don't know what will.

snowy pine


We hope that this information helps you to create a cosy, comforting and festive atmosphere and mindset this Christmastime!


Main photo by Almos Bechtold.

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