How to Pair and Use Essential Oils and Crystals to Supercharge your Positive Energy

How to Pair and Use Essential Oils and Crystals to Supercharge your Positive Energy

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Crystals and essential oils are both natural products of the earth, which are used for energy healing. For centuries the positive vibrations (energy) held inside them has been harnessed by ancient healers to cure and aid many emotional, physical and mental ailments.

Each crystal and each essential oil has its own vibrational frequency, which is the energy that it holds and sends out to the universe. These vibrations can be passed onto us when they are used in certain ways, or even just kept nearby. 

If you are familiar with the Emotional Frequency Chart you will know that each emotion is associated with its own vibration or frequency; less desirable emotions such as fear, shame and guilt have lower frequencies than more desirable emotions like love, peace and joy, which have higher frequencies. 


emotional frequency chart


This means that the higher we can get our energy to vibrate, the happier we will become, or vice versa. I say vice versa as you could also start by changing your emotions; by practicing certain techniques such as changing thought patterns, visualisation, smiling when you feel sad, affirming words and phrases etc that will help you to feel emotionally better and then in turn raise your vibrational frequency. But for the purpose of this post we're going to focus on how to do the process the other way around - energy first! 

So, as mentioned, crystals and essential oils already intrinsically have a certain vibration within their nature. Since they are not 'alive' they do not change and always vibrate on that frequency. Therefore, we can use them as aids to 'lift' us up and then, we will in turn feel better and experience those more positive emotions on the Emotional Frequency Chart.


Why should I use crystals and essential oils together? 

Using crystals and essential oils are synergistic as both are completely natural and part of the earth’s ancient healing gifts. Each one is effective on its own; but together, they’re incredibly powerful! By using them in tandem you are essentially supercharging their positive energy since you are benefiting from both the crystals' and essential oils' vibrations. 


OK great, so what are some ways I can use them together effectively? 

1) The first step is to choose your crystal. You could also start with choosing an oil if you are sure which ones you like, but I feel like it is easier to choose a crystal first as a) you can be drawn to them visually, and b) they hold their energy inside them whereas an oil's energy is in the scent they emit. Many people believe that just by looking at crystals, you will be able to tell which ones your body needs because you will be drawn to it. In other words – your body knows what you need! 

Once you've chosen one, you can find out its exact benefits by browsing our site (for most if not for all of our crystals and crystal products we have included in the description what they can be used for) or simply message or email us if you need any more information. Bear in mind, crystals can be used for more than just one thing and can heal in many ways so you should also decide which area you would like to see improvement in most from that stone.

2) Once you’ve chosen your crystal and identified how it could help you specifically, then you can choose an oil to pair it with. As in most situations, understanding your desired outcome after working with the crystal and oil will give you the best results as you will have greater focus. For example, if you chose amethyst as your crystal and felt you needed it to calm anxiety, then you would go on to choose which oils you could use for calming anxiety too. As mentioned, feel free to message us via the website or by email (see contact page) if you have any questions on which crystals or oils work best for what you need.

3) Next, you'll need to decide the best way for you to use your chosen crystal and oil together. There are so many ways but here are some ideas:

  • By using one of our crystal vial pendants, choose from this one or this one - pour your chosen oil (or oil blend) into your chosen crystal pendant to let the energies infuse, pop it around your neck and go about your day.
  • By using our natural stone roller bottles - a similar idea but by pouring your chosen oil into one of the crystal chip filled roller bottles, which you can roll on throughout the day to give you a little boost.
  • Add your chosen oil to a diffuser, then perform a manifestation meditation with your chosen crystal by holding it in your hands or lying down and placing it on your body. 
  • Place your chosen crystal and a few drops of your chosen oil to a bath, and relax.
  • Place your chosen crystal and oil into a bowl of water, and leave this somewhere in your home.
  • If you are into crafting, try making an essential oil candle using your chosen oil and finishing it off with a few of your chosen crystals in the wax before it dries. Then burn the candle and experience both energies in synergy!

When practicing any of these suggestions or your own, you must keep your intention in mind. Also bear in mind that not all crystals should be submerged in water so if you choose the bath or bowl of water ritual check that you can first!


Stone and oil pairing suggestions:

All that's left is to leave you with some ideas of what stones and oils to pair together! There are obviously so many combinations you could do, depending on what you are trying to achieve, the possibilities are virtually endless! But here are some good starting points for some of the most popular manifestations:

Success and Happiness

Citrine & sweet orange.

citrine orange


Peace and Relaxation

Amethyst & lavender.

amethyst and lavender


Clarity and Amplifying Manifestations

Clear quartz & peppermint.

clear quartz peppermint


Love and New Romantic Relationships

Rose quartz & ylang ylang.

ylang ylang


Courage and Focus

Tiger eye & cypress.



Protection Against Negativity

Obsidian & sage.



Self Expression

Lapis lazuli & jasmine.

lapis jasmine


Grounding and Stabilising

Agate & vetiver.

 agate vetiver


We hope you have fun finding and using your perfect combinations! 


Please note that crystals and oils should be used alongside and not in place of any advised medical treatment.

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